Mobile Banking Petition

Campaign to bring Mobile Banking to Nailsworth

Our last bank branch closed earlier this year and this has made life quite difficult for businesses and those who rely on access to a bank. Our wonderful Post Office provides a great service, but this cannot always replace the services of a bank.

We have been in discussion with Lloyds as they have a few mobile units around the country, including one based at Cirencester that operates twice a week in Tetbury. They provide a basic service (including cheque deposits, up to £5,000 cash deposit - no more than 5 bags of coins, cash withdrawal up to £300 per day). Change is not a service provided. You can see details of the service  here.

If you think that you would use a mobile service in Nailsworth please fill out the survey petition below. We need your postcode as otherwise it is not possible to demonstrate that the demand is local. If you are a business owner and would be using the service for business, please put your business's postcode. 

Thank you.