Finance & General Purposes

Following full discussions at Council it was decided to disband the Committee structure and deal with Council business at Full Council meetings as from September 2013. 

The rationale behind this decision was to speed up the decision making process, to have a structure where all councillors can contribute to debate, to reduce the pressure on Committee Chairs and to allow councillors to be involved in projects that they wouldn’t have been if they were not on a specific committee.

The paragraphs below are superseded but are retained for information.

The committee consists of the Chairs of all committees, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and one backbench councillor.

Its key task is to recommend the budget to council. The committee is always aware of the need to use its money carefully; in fact the Town Council's budget is tiny compare to that of the District Council, County Council and the Police.

During the year the committee considers applications for grants and donations to charities, mainly in the town. Recent charities which have benefitted include the Nailsworth Festival, the Twinning Association and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The committee also looks at other 'housekeeping' matters - e.g. standing orders of the council, the audit arrangements and the code of conduct guiding our councillors.

The committee meets approximately 3 or 4 times a year.