Following full discussions at Council it was decided to disband the Committee structure and deal with Council business at Full Council meetings as from September 2013. 

The rationale behind this decision was to speed up the decision making process, to have a structure where all councillors can contribute to debate, to reduce the pressure on Committee Chairs and to allow councillors to be involved in projects that they wouldn’t have been if they were not on a specific committee.

The paragraphs below are superseded but are retained for information.

The Planning Committee meets twice monthly in order to comment on planning applications within Stroud District Council’s time scales, reviewing about 130 applications each year. The Town Council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications within the parish but can only comment, the District Council ultimately makes the decisions on applications.

Whilst reviewing these applications is the main function of this committee there are many other issues that we also address.

We are aware of a need to develop more affordable housing within the town although we recognise that there is only limited opportunity to do so. An issue of this nature often takes a long time to come to fruition but we are actively working with the District Council on the possibility of finding sites for development.

We maintain a register of empty and derelict buildings which we are trying to get back into use and tidied up to improve the overall appearance of the town and ensure that all available accommodation can be used.

We are also involved in more strategic and long term planning issues to further enhance the town.