Property Management

Following full discussions at Council it was decided to disband the Committee structure and deal with Council business at Full Council meetings as from September 2013. 

The rationale behind this decision was to speed up the decision making process, to have a structure where all councillors can contribute to debate, to reduce the pressure on Committee Chairs and to allow councillors to be involved in projects that they wouldn’t have been if they were not on a specific committee.

The paragraphs below are superseded but are retained for information.

The Property Management Committee consists of five councillors and looks after the maintenance, management and, where applicable, the letting of Town Council owned premises.

The largest asset is the Town Hall. This is a converted chapel which houses a performance hall with stage and kitchen on the ground floor. The Council Chamber, Clerk's office and the Town Archives are on the first floor. Further space in the building is let as offices and to a pre-school nursery.

The Town Council owns and lets the Mortimer Room for community use and functions. This is adjoining the Library in Old Market.

The committee also maintains the Town Clock on the corner of Bridge Street and George Street as well as the War Memorial in front of St George's Church.

The committee meets every other month.

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