Miles Marling Consultation

Proposed improvements to Miles Marling Field

Miles-Marling.pngMiles Marling Field is near the roundabout by the FGR stadium. The field has a small amount of equipment in it; some outdoor gym equipment and a shelter.

There are already four play areas close by aimed at younger residents, so there is an opportunity to enhance the field to make it a community area for all ages. This would include pathways, trees for sunshade and benches from which to admire the view. 

Nailsworth Town Council has asked landscape specialists to come up with proposals to make the field into a welcoming place for all ages.

Part of the field is leased by the Town Council from Stroud District Council, this is marked on the plan above. There may be an opportunity for the Town Council to take this over.

What about the money? 
The Town Council has £51,000 from the FGR New Lawn development to spend on the Field. We also have £30,500 allocated in our budget.

How can you help?

Our plan is to improve the park for people of all ages so that more people can enjoy walking, exercising and relaxing outside. The Field has lovely views and is popular with dog walkers.

The Town Council has asked landscape specialists for ideas for the Field. We’d like to know what you think about their ideas and help decide which one to choose. We’d like to know what you think about their ideas and help decide which one to choose.

How can you have your say? 

1) Come and see the proposals
There are three chances to see the proposals at the Arkell Community Centre:
Saturday 13 October 2-4pm
Wednesday 17 October 6-8pm
Thursday 18 October 2.30-4pm
You can also see the proposals on the Town Council’s website from Friday 12 October.

2) Questionnaire
Please take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire. Please complete it by
Friday 19 October 2018

3) Tell your friends
Please tell your friends so they can have their say.


 Proposal 1
 Proposal 2
 Proposal 3
 Proposal 4
 Proposal 5
 Proposal 6
 the shelter
 all ability paths
 play equipment
 fitness equipment
 other (write below)
 0-4 years
 5-8 years
 9-12 years
 13-18 years
 No children in the household
 Under 18
 18 - 30
 31 - 40
 41 - 50
 51 - 60
 Over 60
 Prefer not to say
 Prefer not to say
 Less often
 Very likely
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