Parking Charges

SDC decide not to impose Parking Charges

Today (Thu 16 Aug) SDC announced that they are "stopping proposals to charge for car parking". This is great news for Nailsworth and the other towns in the review. 

We'd like to thank all those that have taken part in the fight for our town's future; there have been very many people involved and it is the united front that has been most powerful in this.

We will work with SDC in the coming months but this will be more productive in an atmosphere of openness and partnership. We hope that their approach will now be different.

Car Park Charges - SDC Labour group call for a halt.

We have great news tonight (August 9th) in that the Labour group are asking for a halt in the Car Park Charges review.

This is fantastic news for our town, and the Chamber of Trade and Town Council's efforts to fight this flawed proposal. SDC are now saying that they will do a full review of car parks. We offered to help them in the first place, but they did not respond. There has been a huge effort by many people to fight this, including SDC Ward Councillors, neighbouring parishes and our residents. Thank you to everyone.

The Chamber and the Town Council worked together to debunk the flawed review and the evidence was presented at the Public Meeting on 10th July. The research they carried out proved that the ARUP data could not be used to come to the conclusion reached.

We do intend to work with SDC on any review, but we expect honesty, openness and a truly different approach from our district council. 

free-parking-artwork-2-600x600.jpgNailsworth Town Council's Response to the SDC Parking Consultation

Nailsworth TC has formally responded to the Stroud District Council parking consultation. The document can be downloaded here.

This response comes from a thorough examination of the proposal and evidence put forward. It has also been informed by comments and concerns from many people, for which we are very grateful. We are also very grateful to everyone who came to the Public Meeting on 10th July, which gave us a very sound base of opinion to finalise our response. The Chamber of Trade have been fantastic partners in the campaign, and the significant help of Kate Kay, Chair Horsley Parish Council, is noted, as is the effort from our District Councillors. Finally may we thank all those that contributed with time, locations for monitoring cameras, leafletting, survey collection and so on. It has been a fantastic team effort from the Town. 

We sincerely hope that SDC listens to us and are able to take the decision that will be right for our town.

Nailsworth Says NO!

At a packed Public Meeting on Tuesday 10th July hundreds of residents heard why Nailsworth is fighting the imposition of Parking Charges. Mayor Jonathan Duckworth, Chamber of Trade representative Sarah Martin and resident and business owner David Nicholls spoke passionately about the devastating effects parking charges would have on the town.

When asked to vote against charges, this is what the hall looked like


Wednesday 11th July

Latest News

At the Stroud District Council meeting on Thursday 19th July, it was announced that the decision on Car Park charges will go to full council, not just the Strategy and Resources Committee. We have been saying this since before the consultation started, and teamwork with ourselves, you the public, the three Nailsworth District Councillors and Cllr Tom Skinner from Hardwicke have created enough pressure to make this important change. Stroud District Council meetings are videoed and you can see how the meeting went and who said what on their website

The consultation continues, and we are working on our response. when we have completed it we will put it up on this website. Please make sure that you have responded to it on the SDC consultation page. 

Several councillors and representatives of the Chamber of Trade and Residents met with Doina Cornell (Labour leader and SDC Leader) and Martin Whiteside (Green leader) on Wednesday 18th July. It was a constructive meeting, during which we were able to explain to Doina and Martin what the concerns of the town are, both about the effect of parking charges on the town's vitality, and views on the inadequacy of the report recommending charges. we'd like to thank Doina and Martin for coming to see us and Kate Kay (Chair of Horsely Parish Council) for helping to bring the meeting about.

Friday 20th July

Further updates

We have been working with District Councillors and chairs of Parish councils and there is progress.

Firstly, as Cllr Tom Skinner said on Tuesday night, he has a motion to Full SDC Council on Thursday evening. Following his attendance at our meeting on Tuesday night he will amend this motion to ask for the consultation to come to Full Council, and not just Strategy and Resources Committee. Also to ask for free parking in the places, instead of a few hours as in the original motion he proposed. 

The Conservative group is meeting on Monday evening, it would be very good to let the Conservative councillors know that Nailsworth would be hugely grateful for their support for Tom's motion on Thursday.

Secondly we are looking to meet with senior members of the ruling coalition soon, more details will follow, but we’d like to thank those who have been working hard to arrange this and are fighting for our town's future,

Sat 14th July

Car Parking Charges - the battle is on!

On Thursday, 14th June 2018, despite strong and vehement arguments from many, the Strategy and Resources committee of Stroud District Council voted to go to statutory consultation on parking charges for locations across the district, including Nailsworth. They will consult from 16th June until 29th July. 

We are committed to fight these plans: we believe they are based on flawed evidence; the process is about income, not management; there are no alternative options considered; but most importantly the future of our town is at risk.

On Tuesday 19th June we agreed:

  • to set aside £20,000 to start a fighting fund to challenge charges should SDC agree to them
  • to hold a public meeting (Tue 10th June)
  • to have comprehensive information in the next Nailsworth News
  • to place banners in highly visible places to raise awareness
  • to let you know how you can help
  • to keep you informed here

...more to come