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Gold Medal Hero Pete Reed is coming to Nailsworth!


Come along to the King George V Playing Fields on Sunday September 25th to celebrate Pete's Gold Medal in the Men's eight at the Rio Olympics. 3:00pm until 5:00pm.

Pete will officially open the refurbished Tennis Courts and new sports equipment and then be available for selfies, photos, and autographs. 

All residents are invited to come along and meet Pete; bring a picnic!

A Nailsworth Referendum!N-CLT-Leaflet.jpg

The CLT has been working very hard with Aster Homes and gcp Architects to draw up plans to develop the garage site at Lawnside/Bunting Hill for affordable homes. 

At the referendum on 18th August you will be asked to vote on a 'CRTBO' - a Community Right to Build Order - effectively you will decide the planning permission for this exciting development.

10 affordable homes are planned, a mixture of flats and terraced houses. If agreed, they will be available to rent for those on the Stroud Housing List that have local connections with Nailsworth. The Referendum will also include the removal of the Right To Acquire and the Right to Buy, meaning that these homes will stay in the town's ownership for ever.

These homes are being built at no cost to the town (other than the previously agreed administration set-up costs for the CLT). Details and the full CRTBO application are on the front page of the CLT website 

DSC_1412.jpgNailsworth Children's Centre under threat.

Mothers using the Childrens Centre services in Nailsworth are very concerned that council cuts will mean the Centre closing. A group of mums met Nailsworth Mayor, Myles Robinson, on Wednesday to stress how much the services mean to the community.

The centre, based at the Arkell Community Centre in Forest Green, has weekly drop in sessions where residents can meet other parents and get help and support from the staff. It is currently funded by Gloucestershire County Council but is under threat from proposed cuts. Parents are able to share experiences, chat with others and get invaluable advice. A well stocked Toy Library, gives parents access to toys that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

The Nailsworth Mayor was left in no doubt that the drop in sessions are a vital support to families in Nailsworth. He said “I am convinced that there will be serious short and long term consequences if this vital well run run service is cut. We are doing everything in our powers to fight Gloucestershire County Council’s plans to cut the funding”.

One mother said “if the "Centre wasn't here I would be one of those Mums who never get out. It is company and adult conversation that I get most from, and the literacy and numeracy courses are such a help”. Another praised the help given by the staff “When I moved to this area I knew no-one and was struggling with money worries. The staff helped me a lot and even got me a grant for carpets."

Nailsworth Mayor added “These services are exceptionally important to young parents who might not otherwise get supportive company and conversation. It might be a small cut for Gloucestershire County Council but it is a devastating cut for our community.”

NTC is supporting Gloucestershire’s Car Sharing initiative.

Another Way to Travel... Having a problem getting from A to B? Want to save money on petrol and parking costs? Want to do your bit for the environment? Why not Car Share? Owning and using a car can be expensive, so why not reduce the cost by sharing some journeys? If you do have a car you can save running costs by sharing. If you don’t have a car then your travel can be much more flexible, for no matter what public transport there is there are times when a service isn’t available to you.

If you Car Shared just once a fortnight you will save 10% on your commute. Gloucestershire County Council has a county-wide car sharing facility at It covers the whole of Gloucestershire and there are already nearly 3,000 members and more are joining daily. It is free to register and use and the site is very user-friendly.

Further details are available at the Town Information Centre, The Library or The Arkell Centre. Alternatively contact Cllr Anne Elliott.

Table Tennis in KGV Park

2016_Table_Tennis.jpgMayor Jonathan Duckworth celebrated the National Table Tennis Day, 14th July, by serving up a game on the new outdoor table at the King George V Playing Fields. It was a family outing to celebrate the third National Table Tennis Day, a promotion aimed at bringing people together to have fun and promote the sport.

Jonathan said: “We had great fun playing table tennis in the park: being outdoors added another dimension, especially as we had to take account of the breeze. The table’s there to be used so please come along to the Playing Fields and have a go.”

The new equipment is part of a £45,000 package granted to the Town Council by Fields in Trust, an organisation that safeguards public open spaces for the future. The money was awarded to celebrate 90 years of the Trust, and, in addition to the table tennis feature, it has enabled the council to install outdoor gym equipment, a picnic table and benches and to refurbish the tennis courts, car park and changing rooms.

The Mayor added: “The Town Council is delighted that we have been able to improve the facilities at the King George V Playing Fields through the grant from Fields in Trust.”

At the moment players have to provide their own bats and balls, but the council is looking into the possibility of getting some equipment which will be available for hire.

20mph.png20mph Consultation

A group of residents and councillors from all three councils (County, District and Town) have been working in response to concerns from residents in Nailsworth about traffic.

A set of proposals has been prepared and these were shown at the Farmers Market on Saturday February 27th, in Mortimer Gardens. Members of the group were on hand to answer questions from residents and record comments. Afterwards the proposals will be shown in the Town Information Centre. They were also in the Nailsworth News March edition.

The consultation is now closed and a report will be prepared for the Council.

Works at the Tennis Courts by KGV

The tennis courts have been refurbished.

The fences, gates and nets have been replaced and the courts resurfaced. This has been made possible by a grant from Fields in Trust

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the works and we hope you enjoy the new courts.

Proposed Boundary Changes

A Public Meeting was held on 23rd November at 7:00pm in The Mortimer Room to allow Nailsworth Residents to put forward their views on these proposed changes.

Nailsworth Town Council objected to the proposals, and supported the Stroud District Labour Group's plan which suggested changes including Painswick being included in The Cotswolds and Nailsworth remaining in Stroud.

Town Crier landscape.jpg 

The Town Council will be celebrating Tony Evans' 25th Year as Town Crier on the 25th of February. 

Please come along to the Farmers Market at 11:00 to celebrate with us. If it is very busy we will decamp to the Bus Station!

Filming for a Charity at KGV

NTC stepped in to help out a local resident on Friday 10th Feb. Robyn had arranged to film a promotional video for Duchenne UK in the play area at Horsley, but the play area is being renovated. 

We were happy to be able to allow them to film from 09:00 until 12:00. Whilst this meant that the play area was not open for other users, it did help ensure that the film could be made.


The promotional video is ready to be signed off by Duchenne UK, but in he meantime, here is a different edit of the video.

We are delighted to have been able to help out, with the exception of the weather! The fundraising page is here.

Town Council Election - 4th May

There has been an election to fill the vacant seat on Nailsworth Town Council.The election was held on the same day as the County Council election, Thursday 4th May.

Congratulations to Mike Kelly, who returns to the Town Council after two years. The results were:

Mike Kelly, Independent 1,243
Colleen Rothwell, Lib Dem 604

Thank you to both candidates.


FGR are promoted - it's the Football League for Nailsworth!

Nailsworth Town Council congratulate Forest Green Rovers in gaining promotion to the Football League.

It has been a long and eventful journey over 128 years, but what a journey; the smallest town ever to have a Football League team. NTC thank everyone that has been involved in this journey, you have done our town proud.  


Mural Art Competition


Nailsworth Town Council are hoping to brighten up an area in the Town Centre by inviting the residents of Nailsworth to take part in a design competition for the newly plastered wall in the Bus Station.  Suggestions for a theme could be ‘A celebration of Nailsworth through the ages’.  One idea already submitted is ‘Nailsworth in Bloom’.  Councillor Sally Millett said ‘We would like the completed artwork to become a tourist attraction for Nailsworth’. Submitted designs will be displayed for local people to choose the one they would like to see on the wall and we will then look for a local artist to create the mural.  Please submit your ideas with full illustrations in writing to:

Nailsworth Town Council, Town Hall, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0JF  for the attention of Cllr Sally Millet.  Closing date is Friday 14th September.

Car Parking Chargesfree-parking-artwork-2-600x600.jpg

Nailsworth is a special place that has pulled itself up by its bootstrings and become successful through the endeavours of its people. It has done this with scant help. Nailsworth gets little from SDC, and yet it supports activities that the larger councils should provide, such as Youth Club, Library and Children's Centre.

Nailsworth has no secondary school, no museum, no canal, no Sub Rooms, no railway station, no sports centre, no swimming pool, no shopping centre for SDC to invest in. Nailsworth is different.

Stroud District Council are looking to consult on the introduction of charges for car parks across the district. On Thursday 14th June, at 7pm in Ebley Mill, the SDC Strategy and Resources Committee is deciding whether to introduce charges in a number of towns. 

Papers for the meeting can be seen here.

Nailsworth Town Council will rigorously oppose these charges. We feel that the proposal laid out in the papers is fundamentally flawed, and lacking in detail. We followed the information on the Agenda paper and sent in questions, which are available here. We were told that we were only allowed to send three questions, so this is what we asked:

1 The officers’ report confirms that legal powers to set parking charges are to ‘secure the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of vehicles and other traffic in the locality’ along with air quality, amenity, access to premises, access for emergency vehicles. (2.4), why is no direct evidence provided to demonstrate that any of this is a problem in Nailsworth?

2 Given there is a lack of supporting information, such as details of the Car Park Surveys and their methodology, assessment of the nature of visits to Nailsworth, the importance of car borne shoppers to the town, the effect charges would have on on-street and private car parks, the effect parking charges would have on vehicle movements as drivers search for free spaces, the effect on non-retail and catering activities, any evidence of an impact assessment, how can the Committee make a decision to go for consultation without this information being available to them?

3 In Nailsworth a substantial proportion of the population lives at the top of a long steep hill and public transport is derisory, the likelihood of charging significantly influencing modal split in favour of walking and cycling is very small, in addition there is no station or commuter hub, or major publicly provided facility such as swimming pool, music/arts venue, museum, sports, leisure centre etc. however in this report most of the limited evidence presented derives from different, much larger places, it is not demonstrated that this reads across to Nailsworth, so why have the specific and unique circumstances of Nailsworth not been considered?

Councillors will be attending the meeting. If the SDC Committee decide that they wish to go ahead with the consultation charging then there will be 6 weeks in which to respond. NTC is likely to hold a public meeting. Further information will be posted here.

Annual Town Meeting

Showcasing Nailsworth 2019

Town Meeting Banner 2019.pngNailsworth’s Town Meeting was relocated to the town hall at the last minute when it was clear Storm Hannah would make the usual marquee location dangerous. Nailsworth Farmer’s Market was called off due to the high winds and the Town Meeting was able to squeeze into two floors of the old Town Hall.

There were nearly forty volunteer groups, showcasing Nailsworth’s famously strong community spirit. Residents had a chance to ask questions, hear the Town Council’s annual report and plans for the next year.

Mayor Jonathan Duckworth presented the Town Awards. The Arts Award was given to Nailsworth In Bloom for their achievements in gaining a Silver Gilt in last year’s Britain in Bloom. Nailsworth Primary School were given the Sports Award for their new multi-use games area and rowing suite. The Youth Award went to Minchinhampton and Nailsworth Youth Forum for their work campaigning and decision making on issues affecting young people. Finally, the Town Shield went to Nailsworth Community Land Trust for their amazing community work creating ten new social housing units for the town.

Town_Sign.jpgA unique piece of Nailsworth’s heritage was offered in a charity auction on Saturday when residents were given another chance to bid for a Nailsworth town road sign at the Town Council’s Annual Town Meeting. This was possible because  three years ago Gloucestershire County Council told us they were replacing the Town Signs, and the old ones were to be thrown away! Clerk Katherine Kearns saved the signs for the town, and with the 6 signs saved, Mayor Jonathan Duckworth suggested that we kept some and auctioned others off for good causes in Nailsworth. 

Previous auctions have raised £650 for Nailsworth Youth Club and £960 for NYCE at the Sub Rooms.The last one to be auctioned, on Saturday, raised £750 for registered charity Nailsworth Health Partnership which seeks to improve the health and well being of people who live and work in the Nailsworth area.

Of the remaining three, one is to be given to Nailsworth’s twin town, Lèves, one is in the Town Information Centre and the final sign has been left for for posterity in the Town Archives.

Valley Trading at Babdown

Valley Trading have applied to increase the amount of traffic allowed to and from their site near Beverston, south of Nailsworth. A significant proportion will come down the A46 through Nailsworth. 

You can find out more, and if you would like to make your views known, see the details on Gloucestershire Planning.

New Civic Centre is officially open

Civic Centre.jpg



We are pleased to inform you that  Nailsworth Town Council has now moved to the new Civic Centre in Old Market.  The aim of the move is to have all services together in the centre of town to make them easily accessible for everyone.  The new address is:

Nailsworth Town Council
Civic Centre
Old Market

Opening Hours are 9.30-12.30 Monday to Thursday.

All telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged. 

Bee Friendly Town Project



Nailsworth Bee Friendly Town Project began in 2016 with a number of activities to encourage pollinators and enhance the town’s environment.

Project objectives

  • To promote ideas that protect the town environment
  • Encourage wellbeing and neighbourliness
  • Encourage walking
  • Increase and protect biodiversity 



Naturesave Grant Awarded

In 2017 we applied for a grant from Naturesave for £500 and this money has encouraged greater participation.  We printed 600 certificates and distributed them in the parishes of Nailsworth and Horsley.  Please follow the link below to see the great work they do:


The Naturesave Trust – Funding Environmental, Conservation and Community Renewable Energy projects throughout the UK

We very much appreciate Naturesaves support for this project.  The funding has enabled us to widen participation and has encouraged neighbourhood development.   

On Sat July 1st we celebrated National Meadows Day in the KGV park. We invited the Conservation Volunteer Trust to make Bee Hotels and seed bombs. This was attended by famililes, children and grandparents.



Nailsworth Town Council will shortly carry out the yearly ‘manual push test’ on headstones in All Saints’ Churchyard.

Any headstones which are unstable will be carefully lowered to the ground. Nailsworth Parochial Church Council will contact the family concerned and they will be asked to make the memorial safe at the family’s cost. This work must be carried out by professional monumental mason.

A list of any headstones laid flat will be posted on All Saints’ Churchyard entrance gate for general information.

Any headstones or memorials identified as being unstable must not be put upright by anyone other than a professional monumental mason. This is dangerous and could lead to further damage or injury.

 Date of notice: 1st September 2017    

 For more information please contact Katherine Kearns, Town Clerk, Nailsworth Town Council Tel 01453 833592 or email clerk(at)

Meet your Councillors

On Saturday 18th November Nailsworth Town Councillors will be available at The Mortimer Room to answer questions about the Council and its activities. Mayor Jonathan Duckworth and Cllr Anne Elliott will be pleased to hear your questions. We will try to answer as many as possible on the day. There will also be a District Councillor (Norman Kay) and our County Councillor (Steve Robinson) present. 

Come along between 10:00 and 12:00 on the 18th November, at The Mortimer Room, next to the Library.

Community Grant for Arkell Centre

Arkell Community Centre Trust

The Arkell Centre has received a grant of £2,000 from the Midcounties Co-Operative Community Fund

For a full report please click here

Poppies at The Clock Tower

PA240008.pngThis year there has been a community-generated display of poppies on the town's Clock Tower. An idea from former Mayor Jenny Evans sparked Margaret Marshall and others to enthuse people across Nailsworth to knit red poppies. Many joined in to help, particularly Jane Luff and including Bob Warner and others. The poppies were fixed to netting and the Fire Brigade decorated the tower.

Nailsworth lost 78 of its young men in the Great War and this extraordinary effort from the community has created a fitting commemoration. See details of the 78 here.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved.

Annual Town Meeting - Update

Below you will se a report from the 2017 Town Meeting. We are hoping to keep the format. but look at ways of getting more organisations to show what they do, and also have more members of the public attend. Watch this space.


 The Annual Town Meeting was held on Monday 24th April in the Town Hall. It showcased activities within the town, with organisations displaying what they do.

The Mayor and Pete Reed presented the Town Awards and the Town Council reported on what it has been working on over the last year. Parishioners were able able to set questions to the council.

This was a new, trial, format and participants reported they thoroughly enjoyed it. Look forward to next year!

Click for a copy of the Town Report.

20mph Town-wide Limit

20mph.pngThe A46 Group has continued work on this project and Gloucestershire Highways are preparing the necessary TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) for this and other items for Nailsworth's roads. 

When the TRO is ready information about it will be posted here. This interesting project will help to make Nailsworth a better town for all, not just for drivers. The project was started after members of the public expressed concerns about the effect of traffic on our community. The consultation carried out in Spring was overwhelmingly in favour of the scheme. 

Recently the Town Council applied for a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Fund to buy two more Smiley SID signs and it is intended that these go on Spring Hill and the A46 from Stroud. There is already one proposed for the A46 from Bath. Smiley SIDs indicate a car's speed and a smile or frown - giving instant feedback to a driver as to how considerate their driving is.

Special Meeting of Council

The Mayor, Jonathan Duckworth, has called a Special meeting of Nailsworth Town council to discuss the Section 106 Monies from the RedRow housing development in Forest Green. 

The meeting will be held on Thursday 8th March at 7:00pm in the Town Hall. All are welcome.

The plan was for a MUGA to be built on the school grounds, but the contractor for the project went into administration. A full set of papers can be found here.


The Woodland Trust’s Tree Charter

On 6th November 2017 the Charter for Trees, Woods and People was launched by the Woodland Trust.  The charter believes the people of the UK have a right to the benefits brought by trees and woods.  The new charter will recognise, celebrate and protect this right.

 Nailsworth Town Councils Environment Committee decided to adopt the ten principles of the Tree Charter and to celebrate this will be planting three small native trees in KGV Field play area.

 NTC would like to encourage the local community to show support for the 10 principles of the new Tree Charter.  Signatures are being collected on their website and a tree will be planted for every signature gathered in support of the Tree Charter Principles.

Please see the link below for full details of the ten principles and how to sign the charter:

Tree Charter



Keep Britain Tidy are once again encouraging local authorities and residents to dust down their litter picks and seek fresh air for their annual Great British Spring Clean.

Come along on Friday 2nd March to help litter pick the Norton Wood Estate at Forest Green. Meet Dominic Everiss MBE, Senior Neighbourhood Warden, Stroud District Council at 09.30 the Arkell Community Centre

Litter picks; gloves; dustbin sacks; reflective vests will be provided and please wear suitable clothing for the day.

Turn up and join us - help to love where you live. 


Stroud Subscription Rooms Survey

Stroud Town Council are currently consulting on the Sub Rooms and would be grateful if as many people as possible could complete the survey as below, as we know many people from outside of Stroud regularly visit and attend events at the Subs. 

The survey can be completed online in just a few minutes at:

You can read more about what’s going on at:


Civic Centre Project

The project looking at moving Town Council activities into one central location has been progressing. This has been a dream of Council since the early 1990s' and is in the Town Plan of 2005.

A steering group made up of interested TIC Volunteers, the TIC manager, Library volunteers and the Library manager and Councillors has been chaired by former Mayor and TIC Volunteer John Nicholson. This group has been looking at the reasons for the suggested changes, the history, the implications and concerns, and will be reporting shortly to Council.

Annual Governance and Return 2017/18

Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return for the year ended 31 March 2018

The Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) and the dates for the notice of public rights for 2017 2018 are now available on the Documents page.

Showcasing Nailsworth


Nailsworth displayed what it has to offer.

On Saturday 28th April 2018 the Annual Town Meeting hosted groups and organisations from across the town. The event  opened at 10:00am, and finished three hours later at 13:00pm. 

The Town Awards took place at 11:00am, followed by the Auction of a Nailsworth Town Sign. The Town Sign auction raised a wonderful £960 which has gone to NYCE, the Sub Rooms. There was also be the opportunity to question the Mayor and Town Council about Council activities. 

Twinning Update!

Please see the Twinning link under activities for a full update of Twinning News.

In 2018 (4th - 7th May)  the Association will host visitors from Leves. There will be a program of activities and entertainment organised to give them a flavour of the Nailsworth area and all it offers. If you'd like to get involved please contact Rachael as below.  In 2019 there will be a return visit.   

Contact Rachael Locke on 835518 or email.

 Find us on facebook "Nailsworth and District Twinning Association" to keep updated on our activities

Mobile Banking


Our last bank branch closed earlier this year and this has made life quite difficult for businesses and those who rely on access to a bank. Our wonderful Post Office provides a great service, but this cannot always replace the services of a bank.

We are asking those that might use a mobile service in town to sign the petition here.

Thank you.

Change of Venue! Now at the Town Hall

Annual Town Meeting

Saturday 27th April 10.30am - 1pm

Please note: Change of Venue as Storm Hanna is forecast , with 45mph winds, making it not possible to have the marquee in the bus station.

The Annual Town Meeting will be held in the Town Hall on the morning of Saturday 27th April.  Lots of organisations and community groups from Nailsworth will staff display stands to demonstrate what they do.  So please come along and support your town.  

Every year the Town Council is required to hold a meeting to show what has been achieved in the previous year, when electors can pose questions to the Council.

At 11am the Mayor will give out the Town Awards to individuals or organisations that have had a big impact on Nailsworth in the last year and then we will auction another Town Sign for charity.


Bus station Mural Competition 

Nailsworth Town Council is pleased to announce that the winner of the mural competition, as chosen by the public is: 

'Flowing Water & Weaving Cloth' created by David Austin and John Rodgers. 

 The theme of the mural is the way in which water has been harnessed to generate the wealth through industry which has established the town of Nailsworth.  The design is slightly abstract, in that water and cloth flow through the mural, picking up waterwheels, cogs and line shafts that power the machinery.  Central to the piece is the hand loom with the weaver in the loft.

 We are currently in the process of arranging with the artist when the mural will be painted.

 The other three wonderful designs in the competition are still being considered and asked if they would like their work to be displayed elsewhere in the town.  The response from all has been very positive so the next step will be to seek locations.

 It has been a very successful competition.  Thank you to all who took part and also to all those who took the trouble to vote.

 Cllr Sally Millett