Becoming a Councillor

Vacancies for council occur every four years when all councillors stand down. The last time this happened was in May 2015, and because of changes in the way District seats are to be elected, there will be another full election in 2016. After that the cycle will revert to every four years.

Notification of the date will be on this website and on Stroud Disctrict Council's Election Pages. Between these dates vacancies can ccur if a councillor is no longer able to carry on on the council. When this happens details of the vacancy will be posted on Council notice boards and on this website. 

From the time that the vacancy is announced electors can ask for an election to be held. Then potential candidates have until the close of nominations to be nominated, The close of nominations is 12 noon on the nineteenth working day before the poll. There is a wealth of useful information about the electoral process on the Electoral Commission webpages. NTC will add further pages to this section of the site to help inform potential candiates about the election process and the requirements of the candidates. 

Nailsworth Town Council is a democratic body and in order for it to stay that way it is important that local residents consider whether they could serve on the council. Existing councillors will be happy to speak to anyone who is interested in standing, about the proceedures and workload. Being a councillor is rewarding and responsible and whilst it does require a time committment it does not need to be onerous.

If there are the same number of candidates as seats the candidate(s) will be returned unopposed. If nobody comes forward for election the Council will look to co-opt someone.