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Nailsworth Town Council has 11 Councillors. They stand for up to 4 years per term, and then have to stand for re-election; the last full election was in May 2016. Due to Covid-19 the May 2020 election was cancelled and the next election will take place in May 2021, so the current council will have been in place for 5 years in total.

There are no wards for the Town Council so each councillor represents the whole of Nailsworth.

All councillors have the responsibility to attend meetings when summoned. The notice to attend a council meeting (agenda) is in law a summons, because councillors have a duty to attend. If a councillors fails to attend a meeting for six months they are automatically disqualified unless the council has given special dispensation for absence for example if a councillor is ill.

From the links on the right you can find out more about what a councillor's responsibilities are and how to become a councillor.

Cllr Jonathan Duckworth, Mayor

Jonathan_Duckworth.jpgJonathan has lived in the middle of Nailsworth since 1997 and has brought his children up in the town. He has extensive experience across the UK in retailing and shopping centre management. He runs his own software business, based in Nailsworth, with customers across the country.

He served on the board of the Cotswold and Vale Primary Care Trust and fought to keep health services local.

“I’m interested in open democracy and good communications. Council decisions should be transparent and we should never forget that we are here, first and foremost, for the electorate not ourselves”.

email Jonathan or telephone 07813 641732

12 Meetings Attended 2020-21 : 100%

Cllr Paul Francis  

Paul_Francis.jpg I have lived in Nailsworth for 20 years and worked at Ruskin Mill for 7 years. In my time here I have noticed many changes to the town.  My aims are always to improve Nailsworth amenities and services for the residents of Nailsworth.

email Paul or telephone 07976 564996

11 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 92%

Cllr Robert Maitland


Living close to the centre of Nailsworth, and being constantly reminded that it is a special place, I am particularly interested in contributing to the Town Council’s efforts to look after our green spaces and protect our town from unwanted development.

As someone who was very active in Save Nailsworth Valley, I am very aware of the strength of local feeling about the importance of green spaces. I believe we need to build on that campaign and hope we can encourage local involvement in shaping any future development in and around the town.

More broadly, I think that the Council should continue to become more open, participatory and accessible, and that we should always try to be more efficient in how we do things. I have spent my career to date in public service (as a planner and then heading university programmes in tourism).

I hope my background in economics, planning, and education, and my previous experience in successful amenity groups, mean that I will be able make a useful contribution to making Nailsworth an even better place to live and work.

email Robert or telephone 07974 351189

12 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 100%

Cllr Mike Kelly, Deputy Mayor

Mike_Kelly.jpgMike has been on Nailsworth Council since 2017, and was previously a councillor from 2011 to 2015. He has recently retired and lives in Nailsworth.

Mike has particular interest in improving accessibility in the town to make it a better place to live and work in and visit.

email Mike or telephone 01453 839260

12 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 100%

Cllr Sue Reed


Sue has lived in Nailsworth for 31 years and her family has always appreciated the friendliness of our dynamic town, having gained a real sense of belonging.

She has served as a Town Councillor since 1991, was Mayor, and is currently  Chair of the Environment Committee; and is also a Stroud District Councillor, representing Nailsworth and Horsley.

Sue is committed to the retention and upkeep of our shared green spaces and woodlands; the promotion of cycling, walking, responding to environmental changes, and working with residents to contribute to the social fabric of the life of our town. “I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in the daily life of our community, to share their ideas and actions and feel included."

email Sue or telephone 01453 833472

10 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 83%

Cllr Natalie Bennett

I have lived in Nailsworth for 4 years and love how friendly and vibrant the town is. I currently work for a charity that helps young people, the long term unemployed and others to make progress in learning and work. I also have previous experience of working within the Special Educational Needs and Disability Service for two local authorities.

I will work hard alongside the residents of Nailsworth and with local organisations to deliver positive change for our community so that it continues to thrive.

email Natalie or telephone 07769 847049

7 Meetings Attended 2020-21 : 100%
(Co-opted August 2020)

Cllr Steve Robinson


Steve was born and brought up in Nailsworth. During his working life he has spent 48 years working with young people both in a full-time and part-time capacity. Steve is currently Chair of Nailsworth Youth Club Management Committee

.Steve has been a town councillor since 2007 and was Mayor for 3 years. In May 2016 he was re-elected as one of the 3 district councillors for Nailsworth and Horsley. He is currently Chair of the Community Services and Licensing Committee.

Steve is known for being a strong campaigner on local issues and prides himself on being approachable and following up residents’ concerns.

email Steve or telephone 01453 834270

12 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 100%

Cllr Angela Norman                                   


I have lived in Nailsworth for 38 years and raised and educated my family in the town.  My previous experience is with adult education and community development projects. Of interest to me locally are transport issues,,provision for young families and planning development. Having seen Nailsworth develop into a thriving town I am keen to ensure that it can retain its unique character as well as embracing future progress.

email Angela or telephone 01453 832663

11 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 92%

Cllr Anne Elliott


Anne has lived in Nailsworth since the early 1970s and worked as a customer service manager responsible for several enquiry centres across the south west until she retired in 2011. She became a Councillor in May 2011.

Having seen how Nailsworth has grown and developed over the years, Anne is particularly interested in maintaining and improving local services and amenities in our Town for the benefit of all residents whilst being mindful of financial restraint. She would also like to raise the profile of the Council and engage the community to a greater degree with better and more open communication.

She is the Council's representative and a member of the Board of Trustees for Stroud's Citizens' Advice Bureau.

email Anne or telephone 07817 879494

4 Meetings Attended 2020-2021 : 33%