Nailsworth Action Plan

This is a summary of the Nailsworth Action Plan which has been drawn up as a result of extensive consultation in the town, over a two year period ending in 2006. The work was led by the Town Council in partnership with local organisations and community groups.

Initially a Healthcheck report was produced which examined all aspects of the town: its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Following on from the Healthcheck, the aim of the Action Plan is to set out the Vision and Objectives for the town for the foreseeable future. After reading this plan you should be able to see what it will be like to live, work in and visit the town in the next 10 to 20 years.

There are a number of actions and projects which will help the local partnership achieve these aims, many of which are already underway. It should be stressed however, that not all of this work can or should commence immediately.

This is a long term plan which will take many years to come to fruition. A copy of the plan can be downloaded.

An attractive Cotswold market town

  • Well maintained with an attractive mix of vernacular buildings.
  • New developments which enhance the town’s environment by creating buildings suited to modern needs, but in harmony with the townscape. Attractive green spaces and views of the countryside.
  • Mixed development in the town centre combining housing, retail and office space.
  • Affordable housing for young people and those on low incomes.

A safe place to live and welcoming to visitors

  • Streets where people can walk safely and live without fear of crime.
  • A vibrant town with a good range of interesting shops and services.
  • High quality accommodation and places to eat.
  • A hospitable town in which to shop, relax and meet friends.
  • Lots going on, such as festivals, events, markets, community organisations.
  • Welcoming to all regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief.

A town which protects and values the environment

  • Encouragement for recycling.
  • Protection for the biodiversity of the town.
  • Encouragement for energy efficiency.


  • Easy to access by public transport or car.
  • Regular, usable public transport services to/from neighbouring villages and towns.
  • Adequate parking.
  • Safe routes and services for cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities.
  • Accessible public buildings and meeting spaces.

A town with a range of health and social care

  • A range of accommodation to meet the needs of senior residents.
  • Accessible health services, such as chiropody, general practice, dentistry and opticians.
  • Services which promote opportunities for older and disabled residents and their carers.
  • Support for older or disabled people who wish to live at home.

A town with opportunities to work

  • Employment in a wide range of trades, businesses and industries.
  • A healthy retail and tourism trade.

A town with opportunities to learn and play

  • High quality primary and secondary schools.
  • Pre-school care.
  • After school care.
  • Vocational and non-vocational courses for people of all ages.
  • Safe and stimulating play areas for children.
  • High quality sports and leisure facilities.
  • Support for organisations which provide town activities for young people who attend secondary schools in other localities.