What we do

There are three levels of local government in this area, County Council, District Council and Town Council. Each of these councils has different responsibilities, so it is useful to approach the right council if you have a query. Sometimes responsibilities overlap; if you are unsure then contact the Clerk, or the District or County Council Offices.

Nailsworth Town Council

Contact details

See our Contact Us page

NTC Responsibilities

  • Council Meeting Rooms
  • Recreational facilities
    • King George Vth playing field
      & Tennis Courts
    • Miles Marling Field
    • Additional Play areas
  • Youth Club 
  • Town Information Centre
  • Property:
    • Mortimer Rooms
    • Town Clock
    • Fountain
    • Town Hall
    • Market Street Garden
    • Shortwood Green

Stroud District Council

Contact details

Stroud District Council's Contact page

SDC Responsibilities

  • Administering Council Tax and Housing Benefit
  • Housing
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Refuse collection
  • Parking management
  • more to follow

Gloucestershire County Council

Contact details

Gloucestershire County Council's Residents page

GCC Responsibilities

  • Childrens' Services
  • Adult Care
  • Highways
  • Education
  • Disposal of Waste
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • Trading Standards
  • County Archives
  • Transport
  • Library Service
  • Environment
  • more to follow