Friendship with Perry

Friendship with Perry, New York State

In November 2019, a Friendship agreement was established between Nailsworth and Perry, New York State, USA. Rick Hauser, Mayor of Perry officially signed the agreement with Nailsworth's Mayor Jonathan Duckworth. The friendship agreement was formed to promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Nailsworth and the people of Perry. 

Mayor Hauser has visited Nailsworth several times in the past few years and was keen to establish a permanent link between Perry and Nailsworth. Mayor Duckworth also visited Perry during a family holiday to Canada.
Nailsworth and Perry have many similarities such as their rural locations, size, character, history as Mill towns and their recent on-going successful revitalization initiatives. Like Nailsworth, Perry is also close to areas of outstanding natural beauty.
The town of Perry was established in 1814 and is located on a plateau that overlooks two valleys near Letchworth State park known as 'The Grand Canyon of the East'. Letchworth consists of 500-feet deep gorges carved out by prehistoric glaciers and the Genesee River. The area surrounding Perry is also home to some of the most productive farms found in the state of New York - there is a larger population of cows than people! Local produce includes corn, beans and soybeans. Silver Lake lies to the south of the town and is home to a legendary sea serpent. The lake is also popular for boating, fishing, camping and swimming. 
Perry has a busy events calendar with regular Farmers market, an annual Chalk Festival, a Summer Shakespeare Festival 'Shake on the Lake' and an annual fireworks display on Silver Lake, called The Ring of Fire.
International links established with partner towns like Perry provide a unique opportunity and it is hoped that this Friendship agreement will allow further development of historical, heritage, educational, cultural, arts and economic links between the two communities. 

Main Street, Perry:
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Perry Chalk Festival:
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Letchworth State park:
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