Nailsworth Town Council

Nailsworth Town Council works to maintain, develop and enhance the Town's unique character.

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Nailsworth Bus Station

Stroud District Council have informed us that the Bus Station improvement works will start on 14th April. They expect the works to take 6 weeks.

The works are being carried out as a result of a Health and Safety review. Once the works are complete buses will no longer have to reverse when they leave the stands. There will be two bus bays when the works are complete, and the car parking spaces will be realigned.

Details can be found on the SDC Website Planning Section, application number S.13/1963/FUL

Current Council Activities

The Council budget has been agreed for 2014-2015, including some significant sums for the repair of council buildings. This has resulted in a 11% increase in precept.

The conversion of former Police Station to a new Town Information Centre is complete and the TIC has relocated from its former location.

The Childrens' Play Area at KGV is being updated with new equipment and a safer replacement fence.

Local Homes for Local People:N-CLT-Leaflet.jpg


5th April

NTC has formally agreed to allow the CLT to operate under its auspices until the CLT is formally incorporated. The Steering Committee meets regularly and is working on the future structure and partnerships of the CLT. The website for the proposed CLT carries further information and dates of meetings.

The executive summary of the Housing Needs Survey is here and the full report is here 

Council Meetings

All Council business is now dealt with at Full Council meetings. Members of the public are welcome to attend any Council Meeting.

Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, with the first meeting in the month being mainly themed either 'Environment' or 'Recreation and Amenities'. The second meeting in each month will be a full council meeting that will take reports from District and County Councillors. Planning is discussed at every meeting, as the last Agenda item, the expected time is on the Agenda.

Meetings normally take place at 7:00pm, with 15 minutes available for Public Questions at the start. Residents are welcome to attend the Planning discussions.

The latest agenda is available from the link on the right. Minutes are approved at the next meeting and will appear linked at the right after approval. All minutes are available on the Minutes & Agendas page.