Nailsworth Town Council

Nailsworth Town Council works to maintain, develop and enhance the Town's unique character.

Please use this site to find out about your Councillors, Council Meetings, Council Responsibilities and Activities.

Local Homes for Local People:N-CLT-Leaflet.jpg

NTC agreed to allow the CLT Steering Group to apply for a grant to cover the legal costs of setting up the formal CLT.

SDC Housing Committee agreed to sell a plot of land at the bottom of Lawnside to the CLT for the development of affordable houses.

The website for the proposed CLT carries further information and dates of meetings.

The executive summary of the Housing Needs Survey is here and the full report is here 


All 11 seats on Nailsworth Town Council came up for election on 7th May, coinciding with the General Election and a District Council seat for Nailsworth. The District seat was won by Rowland Blackwell, for the Conservatives.

The Town Council results were announced on the 11th May. Congratulations to those elected, whose names are in blue below.

Kay 1,584
Robinson S 1,519
Reed 1,404
Robinson M 1,383
Duckworth 1,112
Bonner 1,065
Elliot 1,061
Millet 988
Powell 972
Dennis 705
Thorpe 703
Paterson 639
Kelly 594
Kerby 581

As a result of changes in the Stroud District election process there will be another full election in May 2016