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CRTBO Referendum Result

  Votes Percent
Yes 965 84%
No 190 16%

The full result can be seen here

A Nailsworth Referendum!N-CLT-Leaflet.jpg

The CLT has been working very hard with Aster Homes and gcp Architects to draw up plans to develop the garage site at Lawnside/Bunting Hill for affordable homes. 

At the referendum on 18th August you will be asked to vote on a 'CRTBO' - a Community Right to Build Order - effectively you will decide the planning permission for this exciting development.

10 affordable homes are planned, a mixture of flats and terraced houses. If agreed, they will be available to rent for those on the Stroud Housing List that have local connections with Nailsworth. The Referendum will also include the removal of the Right To Acquire and the Right to Buy, meaning that these homes will stay in the town's ownership for ever.

These homes are being built at no cost to the town (other than the previously agreed administration set-up costs for the CLT). Details and the full CRTBO application are on the front page of the CLT website 

Table Tennis in KGV Park

2016_Table_Tennis.jpgMayor Jonathan Duckworth celebrated the National Table Tennis Day, 14th July, by serving up a game on the new outdoor table at the King George V Playing Fields. It was a family outing to celebrate the third National Table Tennis Day, a promotion aimed at bringing people together to have fun and promote the sport.

Jonathan said: “We had great fun playing table tennis in the park: being outdoors added another dimension, especially as we had to take account of the breeze. The table’s there to be used so please come along to the Playing Fields and have a go.”

The new equipment is part of a £45,000 package granted to the Town Council by Fields in Trust, an organisation that safeguards public open spaces for the future. The money was awarded to celebrate 90 years of the Trust, and, in addition to the table tennis feature, it has enabled the council to install outdoor gym equipment, a picnic table and benches and to refurbish the tennis courts, car park and changing rooms.

The Mayor added: “The Town Council is delighted that we have been able to improve the facilities at the King George V Playing Fields through the grant from Fields in Trust.”

At the moment players have to provide their own bats and balls, but the council is looking into the possibility of getting some equipment which will be available for hire.

NTC is supporting Gloucestershire’s Car Sharing initiative.

Another Way to Travel... Having a problem getting from A to B? Want to save money on petrol and parking costs? Want to do your bit for the environment? Why not Car Share? Owning and using a car can be expensive, so why not reduce the cost by sharing some journeys? If you do have a car you can save running costs by sharing. If you don’t have a car then your travel can be much more flexible, for no matter what public transport there is there are times when a service isn’t available to you.

If you Car Shared just once a fortnight you will save 10% on your commute. Gloucestershire County Council has a county-wide car sharing facility at www.CarshareGloucestershire.com. It covers the whole of Gloucestershire and there are already nearly 3,000 members and more are joining daily. It is free to register and use and the site is very user-friendly.

Further details are available at the Town Information Centre, The Library or The Arkell Centre. Alternatively contact Cllr Anne Elliott.

DSC_1412.jpgNailsworth Children's Centre under threat.

Mothers using the Childrens Centre services in Nailsworth are very concerned that council cuts will mean the Centre closing. A group of mums met Nailsworth Mayor, Myles Robinson, on Wednesday to stress how much the services mean to the community.

The centre, based at the Arkell Community Centre in Forest Green, has weekly drop in sessions where residents can meet other parents and get help and support from the staff. It is currently funded by Gloucestershire County Council but is under threat from proposed cuts. Parents are able to share experiences, chat with others and get invaluable advice. A well stocked Toy Library, gives parents access to toys that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

The Nailsworth Mayor was left in no doubt that the drop in sessions are a vital support to families in Nailsworth. He said “I am convinced that there will be serious short and long term consequences if this vital well run run service is cut. We are doing everything in our powers to fight Gloucestershire County Council’s plans to cut the funding”.

One mother said “if the "Centre wasn't here I would be one of those Mums who never get out. It is company and adult conversation that I get most from, and the literacy and numeracy courses are such a help”. Another praised the help given by the staff “When I moved to this area I knew no-one and was struggling with money worries. The staff helped me a lot and even got me a grant for carpets."

Nailsworth Mayor added “These services are exceptionally important to young parents who might not otherwise get supportive company and conversation. It might be a small cut for Gloucestershire County Council but it is a devastating cut for our community.”

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