Community Helpline: 01453 367399

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Nailsworth Town Council

Nailsworth Town Council works to maintain, develop and enhance the Town's unique character. Please use this site to find out about your Councillors, Council Meetings, Council Responsibilities and Activities.

Halls and rooms Currently not available for hire

During the Coronavirus pandemic details of Council meetings and papers are here.

Community Helpline: 01453 367399

for details see below.

Nailsworth Community Helpline

Nailsworth Town Council has set up a community helpline so that residents that need help can be put in touch with volunteers. 

The Helpline number is 01453 367399 is on 24 hours a day. For medical advice please call 111 and for an emergency please call 999.

Messages are monitored Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Your call will be recorded.
If you call the helpline, please tell us your phone number,email address if you have one, and what help you need. A volunteer will phone you as soon as we can arrange, but please bear with us in the early days as we set the system up.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us by email.

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Nailsworth Chamber of Trade

The Nailsworth Chamber of Trade has been doing amazing work preparing meals and collections of local produce. Go to their website for more details. You can also see information on their official Facebook Page.

The Chamber also runs the official Nailsworth Noel page. 

Council and Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic presents our town with an unprecedented challenge. Council recognises that it has resources and powers that can help our town and it has been looking at how best to do that. At the 17th March meeting of Nailsworth Town Council a number of key decisions were made. 

  • Council has formed an Emergency Committee and has suspended the existing Committees
  • Council has agreed that it can meet virtually. We have taken this decision despite it not being an option in the current Local Government Legislation because we believe that we still need to ensure decisions are, where possible, discussed by active councillors.
  • We have agreed a scheme of Delegation. This means that Council Decisions can be taken by the Emergency Committee, and if that is not possible, then by the Clerk and The Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and if that is not possible, by a Clerk and two councillors. 
  • We will be setting up a Helpline for the community, with the aim of matching up those in need with volunteers
  • We have agreed that our staff may work on Council business from home, and that our Offices will be closed to the public.

Update will be placed on this website, and this will be the only place where Council information etc. will be posted.



Coronavirus is becoming increasingly serious in the country. 

Nailsworth Town Council will be monitoring the situation and any additional relevant information will appear here. 

May Elections - Postponed for a year

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to this year's Local Elections being postponed until May 2021.

Further information will follow nearer the time. 

Do something amazing – GIVE BLOODsavealifegiveblood_rgb.jpg

April 9th at Nailsworth Town Hall.
From 11:30 – 20:00.

Give Blood to help keep the NHS supplied during COVID19 crisis.

NTC has waived the rent for Blood Donor sessions during the Coronavirus pandemic. The sessions moved to the Town Hall last year to avoid a large rent increase. 

From NHS Blood and transplant:
Safety is always our number one priority and blood donation sessions remain safe. We intend to ensure this as the need to collect blood to supply the NHS is paramount at this time. Blood donation is essential to the NHS and donors will still be able to attend sessions, whatever limits there may be on non-essential travel or gatherings.

We can confirm that blood donation is essential travel under the category of ‘medical need and helping a vulnerable person’.

Supporting our Town

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having far reaching consequences. Many of Nailsworth's shops have had to close, but essential shops are still open.

Our local businesses are feeling the pinch and we ask that wherever possible, you support them. 

Shop Locally to help our town

Stagecoach Buses - Reduced Timetables

Stagecoach have announced reduced timetables, as a result of lower demand in the pandemic. 

63 Bus Service
61 Bus Service
620 Bus Service

Bus passes are now being accepted all day, so buses can be used to get to the special shopping times for vulnerable residents.

Social Distancing

Keep yourselves safe and observe guidelines. Stay at least 2 metres from others when out and about. You may feel you are at low risk, but the risk is that you help the spread of the virus and infect vulnerable people. 

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

Tennis Courts and KGV Play Area

We have taken the decision to close both of these facilities because it is not easy to enforce proper Social Distancing in them. We have also closed the toilet at the Changing Rooms for the same reason.

All Play Areas and Parks

All play areas are now closed as we cannot ensure they are virus safe. The parks remain open for exercise only in line with Government social distancing guidelines.

Our buildings during Coronavirus

Our buildings are closed and we are not taking new bookings for our rooms and spaces.

Respect your Neighbours

At this time, when many people are dealing with unfamiliar, stressful and sometime frightening circumstances, could we please request that everyone considers the impact of their actions on their neighbours. 
Please refrain from lighting bonfires as they can create additional problems for people who already have breathing difficulties. Please also consider your neighbours when playing music and refrain from playing music loudly.
Please think about other people, be kind and keep your activities reasonable.

Stay connected is a free helpline for anyone worried about themselves or someone else who is in self-isolation or needs support at this time. 

A call with the Stay connected helpline gives people the tools and confidence they need to live well during self-isolation, which can include:

  • Practical guidance to staying in contact with families and friends
  • Planning for self-isolation including food, shopping and medication
  • Tips on adjusting to self-isolation
  • Advice on what's out there online to help people stay connected with others
  • Advice for carers/family members

Contact Stay Connected: 0800 048 7035 (Mon - Fri 9.00-5.00) or Email: hereinfo(at)

Visit Stay Connected online for resources, information or to make a referral