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Nailsworth Town Council

Nailsworth Town Council works to maintain, develop and enhance the Town's unique character. Please use this site to find out about your Councillors, Council Meetings, Council Responsibilities and Activities.

Room and Hall Hire

Nailsworth Town council manage bookings for the Town Hall, the Mortimer Room, the Arkell Centre and KGV football pitch.
If you wish to book any of these, please contact the Town council office for further details and guidance. 

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Social Distancing

Keep yourselves safe and observe guidelines. Stay at least 2 metres from others when out and about. You may feel you are at low risk, but the risk is that you help the spread of the virus and infect vulnerable people. 

Stay Alert. Control the virus. Save Lives.


Coronavirus is serious. 

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Covid-19 Test Sites

Visit Gloucestershire County Council's website for up to date Covid-19 test site locations Gloucestershire testing unit locations

Respect your Neighbours

At this time, when many people are dealing with unfamiliar, stressful and sometime frightening circumstances, could we please request that everyone considers the impact of their actions on their neighbours. 
Please refrain from lighting bonfires as they can create additional problems for people who already have breathing difficulties. Please also consider your neighbours when playing music and refrain from playing music loudly.
Please think about other people, be kind and keep your activities reasonable.

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Upcoming Meetings

Full Council
Feb 01st 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Feb 01st 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Full Council
Feb 15th 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Full Council
Feb 15th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Feb 15th 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Slow down for a smile!

Jan 21 2021 P1210015 1.jpgThe Town Council has had two Speed Indicator Device Signs installed. One of these is near Egypt Mill, on the A46 and one on Nympsfield Road towards the Youth Club. NTC has been working with the Police and Crime Commissioner and Gloucestershire County Council to obtain and fit the SIDS.

The signs give you a happy smile if you are driving with the speed limit, and frown if you are not. The signs also store data, so that speed statistics can be analysed over time.

Current and Recent Agendas

Road closure updates

For up to date information regarding local road closures please visit:

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Have Your Say: Carters Way land for community gardening?

A piece of land in Carters Way, Forest Green, which has been unused for around 25 years could be put to use as allotments or a community garden. The owner has agreed to lease the land to Nailsworth Town Council for a period of 10 years if there is enough interest from residents. The land is very overgrown and will require clearing, together with a badger survey for our furry friends who might be in residence there. Once it is cleared it could be used as a community garden or allotments.
Nailsworth Town Council want to know if enough people are interested in this proposal. We are asking residents to let us know what they think about this idea and whether they would like to be involved. We’d like to hear from you by Friday 25th February.

Where is the land at Carters Way?
Carters Way is off Nortonwood, near Miles Marling Field. The piece of land is behind houses in Carters Way and can only be accessed by a footpath.

How much will it cost?
We don’t know yet. We hope the cost of the lease will be very small, but it will cost to clear the land of rubbish and vegetation, and to make it into a community garden. We may also need to carry out an ecological survey, to check for badgers and other important species. It will also depend how many people want to get involved and what help they can offer. The Town Council will want to consider all possible costs before going ahead. 

How can you have your say?
1)    Come to a public meeting on Sunday 20th February at 11am in Miles Marling Field.
2)    Tell us if you think taking on the land is a good idea
3)    Tell us if you would like to be involved and how
4)    Come to a follow up meeting will take place at the Arkell Centre on Wednesday 2nd March at 6.45 pm, for anyone interested in being part of a gardening group. 

For further information please contact the Clerk, Katherine Kearns, at the Civic Centre, Old Market, Nailsworth GL6 0DU. Tel 01453 833592 email: clerk(at)
Cllr Patsy Freeman: patsy.freeman(at)

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