Recreation and Amenities Committee

The Recreation and Amenities committee meets every second month and is responsible for the following:

  • Town Hall
  • Mortimer Room
  • Hazelwood Bungalow (the Groundsman's accommodation)
  • Clock Tower
  • War Memorial
  • King George V (KGV) changing rooms
  • King George V (KGV) pavilion
  • King George V (KGV) Groundsman's store (proposed)
  • Building risk assessments

Recreational Spaces:|

  • Miles Marling Field (including grass cutting)
  • KGV Football pitch, car park, tennis courts and play area
  • Shortwood Green including play area
  • Town Gardening
  • Mortimer Garden
  • Town Planters


  • Youth Service
  • Support for Gloucestershire Play Rangers
  • Dunkirk Mill Museum