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Other committee meetings commence at 19:00 (or when the previous Council Meeting finishes).

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Climate Emergency

In 2019, NTC declared a Climate Emergency. At the time it was clearly stated that an action plan was needed, and that tackling Climate Change was something that was for everyone in Nailsworth to engage with.
Council has held a serious of sessions where Councillors and Committee members from NCAN have developed a Climate Action Plan.
The Climate Action Plan was agreed by Council at the February 2020 meeting, with councillors recognising that the Plan is a good start for the town wide action on climate change. It is designed to be updated regularly so that new actions can be added and progress can be monitored. The intention is for NTC to merge its strategic plan with the Climate Emergency action plan so that NTC projects can be clearly related to Climate Emergency actions.

Climate Emergency Action Plan

Housing Needs Survey

As noted in the Nailsworth News, a Housing Needs Survey (HNS) is going to be carried out in the Parish. This is being carried out by GRCC on behalf of Stroud District Council. Town Council discussed the HNS in detail at the council meeting on Tuesday 3rd March.

Council understands the need for the Community Land Trust to have evidence that will unlock funding for new projects and that an accepted method of obtaining this evidence is an HNS. Council accepts that the HNS will happen, but expressed concerns about the methodology and the potential use of the data. 

NTC fully supports the CLT in its aims to provide affordable homes under local control.

Grants for the Town

Council has a Grants Policy, which has been designed with the intention of making it easier for residents to apply for grants. We don’t have a minimum amount and we are hoping that the Grant Budget is used to really improve the town by helping residents with projects, however small. We expect the recipients of NTC grants to complete a Monitoring Form afterwards, so we can see the benefit that the grant money has brought to the town.

Grants will be considered for projects that improve or enhance the town, for example:

  • quality of life
  • recreation, sports and well being
  • arts
  • local environment
  • neighbourhood communities
  • Nailsworth’s history

Links to the relevant documents are below: the policy document should answer most questions about our Grants, however feel free to speak to a councillor or call the Clerk’s office for more information.

Click below for the documents

NTC Grant Policy and Application.docx


The storm season

If anyone needs to report any issues following any storms they should contact:

Stroud District Council on 01453 766321 or at - for tiles or debris that may have fallen off houses

Gloucestershire County Council on 01452 425000 or at - for footpaths, roadways etc

Nailsworth Library and Town Information Centre


The Town Information Centre is located with in the library and is a valuable facility within the town providing information and advice to visitors and residents about the local area. 


What can I find in the TIC?

If you live in the area, are new here, or just visiting, the TIC have something for you. Maps for walking, cycling and touring; travel information such as coach tours and bus timetables, where to eat, where to stay and what to do; everything you could ask for whether you’re a visitor or a resident. The latest Shops and Services Directory is also available, with a list of businesses and services in Nailsworth.

Bring us your community event A5 posters for the notice board in the Civic Centre, which TIC volunteers continue to use as before.

Could you be a snow warden? 

Nailsworth Town Council is looking for volunteer snow wardens to cover the Windsoredge, Forest Green, Watledge and Shortwood areas. Snow wardens keep an eye on the grit bins, request top ups and keep in touch with the Town Council and Gloucestershire Highways. They coordinate other volunteers and keep in touch with our local snow plough operator. Snow wardens can be vital for passing on information to keep our smaller roads moving.

 If you’d like to be a snow warden, please get in touch with the Town Hall on 01453 833 592. You can report empty grit bins by contacting GCC via their website: or phone them on 01452 425 000.

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